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Meilin / Jolyn

She/Her or They/Them || Demigirl/Enby female Aroace || Possible Autism

Self-taught artist and writer


Engineer by day, artist by night (or weekends, sometimes)Heya~! I'm a (somewhat of an) adult who loves cartoons and video games! I'm an artist and a writer, and my special interests revolve mainly around storytelling and animation, though there is some exception. I also like Science, specifically Biology.Note: I (possibly) have RSD (Rejection Sensitive Disorder) so please be patient with me.Commission status: 5/5 slots open!

Recent Work

Background from Steven Universe

Special Interests

Cartoons 🖥️
• Steven Universe
• Gravity Falls
• Ducktales 2017
• The Owl House
• Infinity Train
Note that I like a lot of shows, and can have one of the longest conversations with them if given the chanceThese are just the ones that had a huge impact or stay predominantly in my mind
Movies 🎬
• Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse
• How To Train Your Dragon (all movies and series)
• Zootopia
• Ratatouille
• Kimi No Na Wa
• Spirited Away
• Wolfwalkers
• Turning Red
• Luca
• The Bad Guys
Games 🎮
• Celeste (Vanilla and Into The Jungle)
• Hollow Knight (lore, I suck at the gameplay)
• Chicory
• Baba Is You
• Kingdom: 2 Crowns
Books 📚
• Any book series by Erin Hunter (Survivors, Seekers, Warriors etc.)
• Wings Of Fire
Science 🌿
• Biology
• Science Fiction
• Astronomy
YouTubers 💬
• Jaiden Animations
• ilymations
• Animators Vs Games
• Drawfee
Music 🎧
• Porter Robinson
• Louie Zong
• Aivi and Surasshu
• Indie (genre)
• EDM (genre)
Note that I like a lot of different types of music, these are just the ones that stay predominantly in my mind/go back to listen to a lot
Other ♦️
• Needle-felting
• Rhythm Gymnastics
• HTML and CSS (code, thanks Wolfusimagius)
These are interests that I can talk on for hours. You have been warned

Terms and Conditions

✦ I only accept two types of payment methods, DeviantArt points and Paypal (you can also send the money through my Kofi). Please let me know which one you'll be paying by!I also accept discord nitro (not classic) provided your commission is exactly $10!✦ Payment is to be done before the commission is started.✦ A sketch will be sent for approval if you have paid for a digital shaded piece. Refunds are allowed at this stage.✦ You are allowed to share the commission I've made, PLEASE credit me when you do however.✦ I am allowed to post your commision on my social medias, unless requested otherwise not to.I have the right to deny a commision request, even if you have sent the payment (I'll refund it back in that case).✦ Do not claim/edit/reproduce and/or use it for commercial use.✦ Traditional pieces will be delivered with a photo, no shipping.✦ No NFTs or whatever crypto stuff or I bonk your head with a newspaper

Additional notes:• Commissions usually only take about 2-3 weeks (sometimes shorter depending on the type of commission). Please let me if you've been waiting for it longer than that!
(provided I haven't already given a reason as to why)
I tend to have really bad amnesia and forget things a lot sometimes.• You are allowed to ask for as many wips as you like.• Changes can be made in the sketch, lineart and flatcolor phase, but NOT in the final peice.